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Yacht Trailer

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    Product description
    Using high-quality materials, safe and reliable driving;
    Using the whole vehicle hot-dip galvanizing process, super anti-corrosion and anti-rust;
    The whole vehicle adopts finite element force analysis, and the force is reasonable;
    The trailer is tailored to the hull, which is more "fitting";
    The rollers are adjustable, and the contact surface can be fine-tuned according to the hull to balance the force;
    Fine workmanship, beautiful appearance;
    1. The yacht trailer has a close relationship with the yacht. It facilitates the movement of the yacht and at the same time constitutes a supporting platform for the yacht to park and shelter. It avoids the damage caused by the possible uneven support force and shaking imbalance of the yacht during transportation and parking. It can be said that after the yacht leaves the water, most of the time is supported by yacht trailers. Moreover, the life of a boat stored on land is 1/3 longer than that of a boat parked on the water!
    2. Yacht trailers are convenient for the owner’s yacht consumption. The owner uses a yacht trailer, as long as he wants to go to which lake or river to entertain, he can use the trailer to tow the yacht to the waters he planned. Only paying for the land parking fee for two small cars will avoid the huge berthing fee paid for parking in the harbor and wharf of the luxury yacht club.
    1) When your love boat is installed with the engine, the center of gravity of the whole boat will move backwards. Please note that you must adjust the position of the axles. If the trailer is too far forward, there will be a backward drag during the movement. Force, if the axle is too far back, there will be a forward force during the journey. A simple method can be used for self-testing: Adults can lift the lever with little effort with both hands without causing it to lift.
    2) When the trailer is parked for a long time, set up the jack and hold the tail of the trailer so that no accident will happen even if the engine is too heavy.
    3) The winch of the trailer cannot be connected to the hook of the boat during the traveling process, and the boat and the trailer need to be tied firmly with a tightening belt or rope.

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